Are Christmas Cards Worth It?

As a single woman I always felt silly sending Christmas cards.

I had a dozen reasons why I shouldn’t – they cost money, they take time, and then of course the reason that was my reason for not doing a lot of other things too – Christmas cards are for people with families.

Are Christmas Cards Worth It for Single Women

Today it’s Single Saturdays at Woman to Woman Ministries, and I’m sharing my answer to the question “Are Christmas Cards Worth It for Single Women?” Head over there to read more, and don’t forget to leave a comment. Do you send Christmas cards to your family and friends?

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The Miscarriage :: Another Chapter in My Story

A month ago I stood in the hallway after church with an acquaintance friend. I knew she was expecting her second baby, so I asked her how she was feeling. As soon as the words left my mouth tears welled up in her eyes. A look of shock formed on her face.

“We lost the baby,” she said in a soft, trembling voice.

“But the first trimester was over, right?” I responded, confused that this really does happen after a woman crosses the safety line of three months.

“Yes, I was twelve weeks.”

My friend went on to share with me the details of afterwards, how difficult it had been, and how she didn’t understand because there were no complications in her first pregnancy.

Tears came to my eyes as I tried to express my sorrow for her loss. I kept it a secret that I, too, was pregnant. Five weeks to be exact. And privately fear took root in my own joy.

The next Sunday I sat in the sanctuary and glanced to my right. There, at the end of the row, sat my friend. I just looked at her and silently prayed for God to comfort her. Then I begged Him to spare me the loss of my child. Tears came to my eyes at the thought. I dismissed them. Surely that wouldn’t happen to me, too.

Miscarriage -- Another Chapter in My Story

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6 Reasons Single Women Should Decorate for Christmas

“Decorating for Christmas is a lot of work. And money.”

You tell yourself this as you look around your home come mid-November.

“If I had a husband and some kids I’d do it. But just for me it’s a waste. What’s the point? I’ll just wait until I get married.Then I’ll decorate and bake and make cool crafts at Christmas time.”

And so you wait. And maybe years past by and you still wait.

But what are you waiting for – really?

Today it’s Single Saturdays at Woman to Woman Ministries. I’m sharing six reasons single women should decorate for Christmas. Join me there to read more!

Why I’m Announcing My Pregnancy at 5 Weeks

** An update to this post. I miscarried my baby at the end of November. You can read the whole story in this post “The Miscarriage :: Another Chapter in My Story”. Thank you for all of you who prayed for us during this time. God is good all the time. To Him be the glory. 

I thought this time would be different. During my first pregnancy, I was fearful of announcing my pregnancy too early, and then losing the baby. As I grappled with this feeling I wrote a guest post entitled “The New Rules for Announcing a Pregnancy“. But I still played it safe. Last week I looked back at my Facebook timeline, and I believe it was around week 10 that we announced it to the world. That’s probably fairly standard, I’m guessing. The heartbeat’s confirmed by then.

Two weeks ago two lines on the little plastic stick showed up again. And right along with them so did the fear. This time maybe even more so. Now I know all that can go wrong. I have an insider’s view of how miraculous every little finger and every little toe truly is.

So I contemplated. Maybe I should protect myself, follow the advice of those who have walked the path of losing a baby, and just keep it to myself for a while?

But then there was another thought.

Eternity is now set in my womb. For now and for forevermore I will be a mom to two babies, whether I ever lay eyes on one of them or not. I am a co-nurturer with God to bring bodily life into a soul that is already alive. A soul that has been in the mind of God before He created the first ever molecule of His creation (Jeremiah 1:5).

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it here, in this space, but those that know me really well know of my passion for the sanctity of life. I do not agree with abortion for any reason. I do not agree with artificial means for conception. I do not use the birth control pill. I do not agree with embryonic stem cell research. I do not agree with capital punishment.

I do agree with embryo adoption.

However, my fear did not support my conviction that life begins at the nanosecond of conception (Psalm 139:16).

Sometimes when I’m afraid of something I’ll take myself down the path of what I fearful of. In this case I took myself down the path of losing my baby. Just typing those words makes me cry. What I found as I went down that mental scenario was the feeling of shame. If that happened, I would feel shame, like something is wrong with me. I’m not sure where the feeling of shame is coming from, and I need to delve more into it to see, but at the root of shame is the idea that I’m in control in some way. That I am the one who makes life and sustains life. But nothing could be further from the truth. God is sovereign. He is the One who makes life. He sustains life. I am only the vessel He uses to bring it forth.

As I considered what might happen, I also thought about how painful it would be if I had to then tell people again and again, over and over, for weeks that I was no longer pregnant. Would I bust out in tears every time, in the same way I am right now with merely writing this post? How would I get through that pain? But there again, I remember, God is sovereign. God is sovereign in my joy and He is sovereign in my sorrow. He will equip me fully. I don’t have to give myself the words or hold myself up. He’s sufficient.

I won’t try to protect myself, but I will honor the sanctity of life God has bestowed upon me. It’s not about me and my fears or feelings. It’s all about Him. His plan. His will. His desires. His sovereignty.

And it’s about this baby.

God has a purpose for my baby even now as he or she grows. Part of that purpose has already been revealed. To bring us joy. Our baby has already brought us so much joy in only a few short weeks. Our baby has excited our toddler girl. Our baby has caused us to fall a little harder to our knees in prayer to our Heavenly Father.

So today I’m announcing to you that I am no longer a mom of one, but I am a mom of two. There is a new soul on this earth, and he or she is growing inside of me. We are filled with joy! The Lord has done great things for us!

Why I'm Announcing My Pregnancy at 5 Weeks

We’re looking forward to July 2015!!

Your prayers are beyond coveted and appreciated. Thank you!

What today do you need to trust God with, without fear, by trusting in His sovereignty, and by holding onto the convictions He’s given you?


Morgan McFarlin :: An Interview with a Single Woman Making a Difference

It’s day 31 of 31 Days of Interviews with Single Women. The last day of the series! You can find a list of all the interviews in this post.

Also, be sure to enter the giveaway to win an autographed copy of Allison K. Flexer’s new book Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman at the bottom of today’s interview. This giveaway will continue through Friday!

Today I’m talking with Morgan McFarlin! Morgan says:

The secret to living a purposeful and fulfilling life? Realizing that God created me distinctly and for a unique purpose. My purpose is not dependent on my relationship status, rather, it is essential to God’s plan that I live each day fully. Do I believe that God means for me to be married someday? Yes, of course. But this doesn’t mean that I can sit around and wait to “start my life” when Mr. Right saunters in. I don’t want to look back on this time in my life and have any regrets. And I know that if I don’t embrace the now, right now, I will eventually wish I had.

I can relate so much to Morgan’s interview! Like Morgan, all I wanted to be was a wife and mother. This is hard as a single woman because you question your purpose when marriage isn’t a reality at the time. I also love that Morgan supports Natural Family Planning. I use Natural Family Planning. So sit back and enjoy this wonderful interiew with Morgan that ends our 31 Days series !

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