Why Your Status Should Be “Single” Until You’re Married

Several months ago I met a sweet, young, single woman for dinner. We talked and ate, and she mentioned that some friends of hers wanted to get into a small group or Bible study. She wondered if I’d be interested in leading it. So I asked her if all of the friends she was talking about were single.

She responded by saying, “Well, two of them are and then there’s me and one other girl.”

Why Your Status Should Be Single Until You're Married

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So Single Women Don’t Buy Books about Singleness?

Back in February I attended a writing conference outside of Charlotte called Writers Bootcamp. As all writing conferencing are, it was overwhelming and encouraging all rolled into one.

While I was at the conference someone (and when I say someone I mean someone who should know – like a published author or editor or someone like that) said that single women don’t buy books about singleness.

Oh really?

So Single Women Don't Buy Books about Singleness 612x612

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