FREEDOM: For When You Awaken Love Too Early

“I am guilty. Ashamed of what I’ve done, what I’ve become. These hands are dirty. I dare not lift them up to the Holy one. You plead my cause. You right my wrongs. You break my chains. You overcome. You gave Your life. To give me mine. You say that I am free – how can it be? How can it be?

I’ve been hiding. Afraid I’ve let you down, inside I doubt that You still love me, but in Your eyes there’s only grace now.”

The lyrics above are from a beautiful song by artist Lauren Daigle titled ‘How Can It Be’. Have you ever said those words?

Have you ever felt so guilty that God couldn’t love you?
Have you ever felt so dirty that you couldn’t worship our Savior?

Freedom-For When You Awaken Love Too Early

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Are You Fully Surrendered To God?

The word “surrender” can be a scary one.

It implies laying down our desires and our dreams, for something that is unknown. Surrender means that we submit everything to God with hands wide open. The problem is that we have a tendency of closing our fingers around those desires and dreams again into tightened fists. We say to ourselves, God is not willing to help or He’s not moving according to my timetable, and we feel the urge to take control.

Are You Fully Surrendered to God

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Can You Accept “Purity” as a Part of Your Name?

My name is not an exciting conversation starter. It’s not linked to another name. There is no family history revealing quirky or interesting facts about how my parents came to name me. The name “Katie”, however, is a variant of Katherine. I learned very quickly that it means “pure”.

For a long time I didn’t quite get the meaning of pure. I used to pride myself on being a good person. To me, “good” was close enough to pure. I knew that I sinned, but I never sinned “badly”, in my eyes. I rarely made my parents angry when I was younger. I was quiet, timid, shy and out of everyone’s hair. To me, that was important.

Can You Accept Purity as a Part of Your Name

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Are You a Modern-Day “Martha”?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the noise and rush of life?  That’s where I have been lately…just beaten down with all the tasks and worries and busyness.

Just this morning I was praying, asking God to just help me through my frenzied life.  I immediately heard His words to Martha, “You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed” (Luke 10:41 NIV).  You have no idea how often God has to remind me of this!  That’s probably because I forget His words all too quickly, reverting back to the same out of control whirlwind of life.  Even when I’m doing things for and in the name of Jesus, I often focus on the tasks so much that I miss Him.

Are You a Modern-Day Martha

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Weekend Prayers and Links

May I ask, when did every season of the year become busy? Growing up it seemed that there were only two busy times – back-to-school and Christmas. The rest of the year was ordinary and slow.

It’s only February, nothing important has happened for two months, and yet I feel like I am gasping for rest. Even when I have restful times, I’m not truly resting. My mind is jumping to the next chore, project, or event.

Mark 6-31


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