An Interview with Jennifer Maggio from The Life of a Single Mom Ministries {Part 2}

Yesterday was Part 1 of my interview with Jennifer Maggio, the founder of The Life of a Single Mom Ministries. Jennifer’s story is one of true redemption, so be sure to read Part 1 here. Today, we continue, and she tells us more about how she overcame great obstacles in her life and began her ministry.

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An Interview with Jennifer Maggio from The Life of a Single Mom Ministries {Part 1}

Sometimes I get emails from those of you who aren’t only single, but you’re also a mom. I want to tell you that I have so much respect for you. You are women who carry the parenting load of two people and seek to do so by honoring God fully with your lives. Being a single mom is the hardest subset of “singleness” and the hardest subset of “motherhood” by far.

When I get your emails I want to speak truth-filled words of encouragement and hope to you. I want to tell you how much God loves you and how He has not forgotten you. However, even though my words are sincere, they still feel hollow because I have not experienced single motherhood.

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Social Media, Singleness, and a Hidden Adultery

She was wearing a black fleece and jogging pants the last time she saw her ex-boyfriend in person. He came over to her townhouse to break the news gently. As he walked out the door she thought she’d never see him again. Then he showed up in her living room five years later – this time on her computer screen.

Social Media, Singleness, and a Hidden Adultery

Like some of you, social media is a fairly new dimension of my adult life. I got my first Facebook account when I was 32 years old. For those of you in your 20′s, you may not know an adult life without social media. Regardless, social media has changed relationships with all people - including relationships with past boyfriends.

Like the story above suggests, before when you broke up with a guy and closed the door that final time, it was the last time. Now you have direct access to him at all times through your computer screen. So what might you do? You might search for him, look at his pictures, analyze his post, daydream about the “what if’s?” and “why not’s?”, and possibly even work yourself into a depression.

Friends, whether you realize this or not, this is a form of adultery. I know, you may think I’m being dramatic, but I’m not. It is a form of adultery, and it’s even a form of adultery for you, a single woman.

I share more on this topic of social media and adultery in my article “Is Social Media Leading You Into Adultery?” at Join me there to read more.


What to Do When You Feel Like You Have No One

For most of my life I have felt like I have no one. Sure, I have people around me. Both of my parents stayed married, and I have friends. However, even though God has blessed me abundantly in many ways, giving me mature, godly, older women who can disciple and mentor me has not been one of them.

What to Do When You Have No One

I would be lying to you if I told you this doesn’t make me sad and leave me bitter. It does. However, I’ve learned the solution for when you feel you have no one. I’m sharing it today for Single Saturdays at Woman to Woman Ministries. Please join me there and find out what you can do, too, when you have no one.

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