Fall in Love with Your Life {and Plan a Party} :: Day 1

February is a big month. We find out if flip-flops and t-shirts are on the horizon or if we need to keep out the scarfs and gloves a little longer.  We remember a time in America when not showing love to your neighbors was a cultural norm and a president who set in motion for change to one day occur. And we wear red to honor those hearts inside of us that we want to stay strong and healthy.

Then there is the one day that we associate with February more than any other: the love day.

The day that if you are in love, have love, or feel love, then you love it!  But if not, then it’s just a reminder, and you want nothing more than to just go from February 13th to February 15th.

The year was 2006, and I was on my upswing of embracing my single life.  I was tired of living in an imaginary future thinking about how big my world would be “if only I were married”.

On Valentine’s Day that year I decided that I was going to celebrate it just like everyone else – all the people who would be going on fun dates that night, cooking in together, or making Valentine’s with their kids.

And so, I had a Valentine’s Day party!  And invited all of my single girlfriends!

Triple Braided is beginning a ten day series called “Falling in Love”.  Today we are Falling in Love with Our Lives by embracing this day of love and planning a Valentine’s Dayparty!  We have 10 days to plan it, so let’s get started!

I used Pinterest to pin my most favorite ideas!

The Invitation

Who? :: You and your girlfriends

What? :: A Valentine’s Day Party

When? :: You decide the date.  Either on Valentine’s Day or a day before or after.

Where? :: Wherever you want – your home, a restaurant, or another fun place!

Why? :: To Fall in Love with Your Life!

How? :: Decide on your guest list, date and time, location, decorations, guest favors, activities, and of course FOOD!  Below are some wonderful ideas I found.


A Few Favorites:

Valentine’s Day Banner with book pages

Valentine Flowers Centerpiece

Heart Hanging Decorations

Table Garland (and really everything here!)

Check out my board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Guest Favors

A Few Favorites:

Bottled Up Love

Made with Love Jars

Candy Bags with cute printable labels


Check out my board on Pinterest for more ideas!


If you’re like my friends and I, we do not need a whole lot of activities because most of the time is spent talking!  But here are a few ideas if you want to do something else (while you talk)!

  • Watch a girly movie (or any movie).
  • Create something – art, jewelry, scrapbook, custom cards, etc. (Pinterest is great for ideas!),
  • Cook together.
  • Make Valentine cards (if before the actual day) or another gift as a service project for children in need or for elderly people where you live. (Pinterest is great for homemade Valentine card ideas!)

Check out my board on Pinterest for more ideas!

The Menu

There are so many different ideas for the menu!  If you’re having your party at home consider one of these fun and tasty themes!

Check out my board on Pinterest for more ideas!


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