Our Own Private Dance

Today is 5-Minute Friday when we write for five minutes on one specific word without listening to those critical voices. We write simply out of that creative spirit deep inside. Join me, Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama, and many other soul filled writers as we link up today for 5-Minute Fridays. Today’s word: Dance

My Dancing Partner

It was only a few months ago that you started dancing there. Deep in that secret place where every bit of God is coming together to form another of His most sacred creations.

When I’m too tired you take the lead. Not swaying or prancing, but you are there. From one side to the other you remind me that you are practicing, until all is right, and it’s time for you to dance on the outside. I see your rhythm through my skin.

Then it’s my turn to lead you. I sway and prance around my day, and you rest quietly as I rock you to sleep. Still once again, I glance down, hoping to see you take the lead. Soon enough you do. Your dancing begins once more.

To our own private song we dance together. Either me rocking you or you rocking me. And I imagine the day coming soon when you’ll be in arms and we’ll dance face-to-face.

Five Minute Friday


  1. says

    How beautifully you describe this little one within you.  What a gift from God!  You have a wonderful perspective on this precious life.

  2. Charissa says

    AHHHH I loved this post!! As an expecting mom this was such a beautiful pic! I know exactly how you feel!!!

    • says

      Yay for you too, Charissa! It is so much fun! This is my first, so I just get so excited with every little movement. But then again I think I would do that even if it was my 10th! It’s such a miracle!

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