Valentine’s Day Blog Posts from Around the Web

So we’ve been snowed in for the past three days. Seven inches of snow, y’all. Seven inches. Okay, honestly I think that’s the most snow I’ve ever seen at my house. I mean, I went skiing once many, many years ago. But that doesn’t count. Don’t laugh. I’m from Georgia (even though I now live in the “north” – North Carolina), and for this southern girl seven inches of snow feels like we’ve entered the Ice Age.

What’s been fun about it, though, is reading wise and witty Valentine’s Day blog posts from around the web. Here are a few that I though you’d like. And today and tomorrow the Passion Conference is going on in Houston. But you can stream it live here.

10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry

To Those For Whom V-Day Stinks

Why Sean Lowe’s Story Matters

Waiting Time Isn’t Wasted Time

43 Favorite Fictional Couples

I hope you’ve had a good Valentine’s Day full of LOVE – most importantly the love of Jesus!

  • Elisa Pulliam

    Thanks for the share, Brenda! Love your new look here, too!

    • Brenda @TripleBraided

      Thanks, Lisa! :-)

  • Anne Bogel

    Thanks for the link love! I’m off to click around the others now… :)

    • Brenda @TripleBraided

      Thanks for the fun post! :-)