The One Year No Dating Challenge :: Your Calling :: Month 2

It’s month two of the One Year No Dating Challenge! I hope you’re still following through with your commitment to spend ONE YEAR focusing on your relationship with Jesus so that you can discover who you are in Him and who He created your to be in order to live out those truths in your relationships and daily life. You can find month one’s post here.

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What Kind of Predictions are You Making about Your Future Marriage?

I see it all too often. (And I did it, too.) A young woman has bright dreams for her future. She wants the godly man, the one who loves Jesus and loves her. The only problem is not doing anything to prepare for him – or attract him. No, instead she’s partying too much, dating guys that may be nice but aren’t committed to Jesus, and “sowing her wild oats” as they say. Then she wonders why she’s not getting the “good guy”.

Are You Making Good Predictions about Your Future Marriage?

Today is Single Saturdays at Woman to Woman Ministries, and I’m sharing about making good predictions about your future marriage. A prediction is what you think will happen in the future. However, a good prediction is what you think will happen in the future based on what’s happening right now. 

Are you making good predictions about your future marriage? Join me at Woman to Woman to find out!

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New Year, New Challenges

I love the word “new”. Just think of all the wonderfulness that new describes.

New shoes.

New car.

New job.

New relationship.

New baby.

New soul.

New life.

I can’t help but say the word new and think of shiny red, spotless, and glistening. I don’t think new can have thoughts of negative.

However, the word new doesn’t come alone. It always follows change. And change often follows challenges. 

So as we anticipate all the newness of a new year, let’s not forget to plan for how we’ll get there.

I spent some time over the past few days coming up with goals or challenges for this new year. Money Saving Mom has become an expert at setting goals, and I used her method to setting my own. I divided my goals into categories: Spiritual, Health, Marriage, Children, Ministry/Friendship, Personal, and Blogging/Writing.

Here’s a peak into my challenges, and some resources I’m using including two free printables I created. Be sure to use these resources if you’d like!

Click to download the free Yearly Goals 2013 Printable I made and used myself!


1. Read through the Bible in one year.

I’m joining Rachel Wojnarowski’s “Read Your Bible in a Year Challenge“. Read the details here, and be sure to get the free printable of the Bible reading schedule along with free printable bookmarks and a button for your website.

2. Memorize 24 Bible verses in one year. 

For this I am joining Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory Team where you memorize two Bible verses a month.

3. Join a new Journey Group at church. 


1. Run a 1/2 marathon.

I ran a 1/2 marathon back in 2011. And in 2012 Baby Girl came. So this is the perfect time to start training for my second one.

2. Eat sugar (dessert) only once a week. 

I love sugar!! Yes, I really, really love it! I could live off of dessert! Except it makes me feel kinda funny after a while. So I really need to start working on not eating so much of it.


1. Praying for my husband every day. 

2. Praying with my husband at least four times a week. 

3. Join a Journey Group at our church. 

Baby Girl:

1. Pray for Baby Girl every day. 

2. Pray with Baby Girl every day. 

3. Read the Bible to Baby Girl every day. 

4. Read other books to Baby Girl every day. 

5. Be present when she is awake and in my presence. 


1. Read 24 books in a year – two a month.

I am a book hoarder. I truly am. I love to buy and collect books. The only problem is that I don’t read them as fast as I buy them. This year I made a plan to read two books a month. Each of the books on my list are ones I already have, and I’m either reading them for the first time or for a second time.

Click to download the free Books to Read in 2013 Printable I made and used myself!

2. Complete Baby Girl’s first year baby book.

3. Learn to sew at least one dress for Baby Girl (but hopefully more).

4. Complete tutorial and read more about photography and using my new Nikon 5100. 

Blogging/Writing Goals:

1. Write for publication in a magazine.

2. Write a blogging “business plan”.

3. Only work online Monday through Saturday. 

4. Write a publish a second eBook. 

5. Attend She Speaks writing conference. 

I’d love for you to share with us. What are your goals/challenges for 2013? If you wrote about it, put a link to your post in the comments!