What I’m Giving Up On as a Mother this Mother’s Day

The other day I said to John, “You know, I signed up for Facebook eight years ago and a lot of my friends’ children were preschoolers. Now they’re almost teenagers. How is that possible?” Of course eight years ago I was newly married staring into an unknown future of chronic illness, endless nights at Duke hospital, and a heart transplant. So a lot can happen in eight years. But when it comes to children you expect time to stand still. And it never does. This Mother’s Day I’m giving up on making time stand still.

What I'm Giving Up on as a Mom this Mother's Day

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A Prayer for the Childless on Mother’s Day

My lifetime has not been childless. I was only without a child for a season, even though I didn’t know at the time that it would only be for a season. So I don’t write this prayer with any sense of truly knowing what’s it’s like to never have a biological or adoptive child. I write this prayer out of my own past memories on Mother’s Day and the feelings I felt. I write this prayer because my heart aches for those of you who do not have children, for whatever reason, and who desperately want them. This is the prayer I’m praying for you.

A Prayer for the Childless on Mother's Day

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When You Have Nothing More to Say about Motherhood

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and I feel I should write something about motherhood and being a mom because I’m a writer and I have a blog, so isn’t that what I should do? Not to mention I found out just this past Wednesday that I’m having another girl and today we decided on her name.

But to be honest I have nothing more to say about motherhood. Everything has already been said.

Motherhood seems so cliché.

When You Have Nothing More to Say about

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